What Makes Us Look Older

What Makes Us Look Older Q&A

When combined, sun exposure, or photoaging, is responsible for 80-90% of the visible indications of aging in your skin, primarily affecting the parts most exposed, such as your face, neck, chest, and hands. If you have age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dull, or dry skin, or uneven skin tone then contact our professional, Tim Fletcher, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, at Honey Glow Health to find out more about what makes us look older or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 19647 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

What Makes Us Look Older Near Me in Bonney Lake, WA
What Makes Us Look Older Near Me in Bonney Lake, WA

Table of Contents:

What things make us look older?
What makes a face appear older?
At what age do you start looking old?
What are the 7 signs of aging?

How do I stop my face from looking old?

At some point, you may be looking at yourself in the mirror and think “I look old”. On the other hand, you may notice that as time has gone by you have acquired those little things that show that you have aged. Aging is gradual and often goes unnoticed. The mind is crafty and will recalibrate how we see ourselves so we don’t think we are aging.

What things make us look older?

Here is a list of the changes that make us look older.

– Heavy eyelids, due to loose and sagging skin.
– Age spots are caused by sun damage or your DNA.
– Thinning eyebrows are probably genetic, but it can also be attributed to over-tweezing and waxing that have damaged the hair follicles. Nutrient deficiency can also be a cause.
– Crepey skin caused by sun damage. This makes the skin look dry, papery, and loose.
– An uneven complexion is something that happens as time goes by. The loss of elastin and collagen makes the skin more brittle. You also lose the ability to refresh the cells in the skin, making it look dull. The skin also produces less oil and loses moisture more quickly.
– Dark circles under the eyes can come from lack of sleep, but they also develop from the loss of fat volume in the face. Under the eyes, this allows for blood vessels to be closer to the surface making the skin look darker.
– The dreaded double chin as fat gathers under the chin. With the loss of elasticity in the skin to hold it tight, it makes it easier for the double chin to form.
– A hollowed face is another sign. Loose skin and fatty tissue that starts to drop from the cheeks make the cheeks look hollow.

What makes a face appear older?

The most noticeable part of our face that can make us look older is our skin. Enlarged pores, sun damage, and dark spots make the skin uneven and old looking. The loss of elasticity that makes skin look tight and youthful allows for wrinkles and lines to form. the skin around the eyes that loses elasticity gives droopy eyelids making you look tired.

Lines and wrinkles that form on the face can also make you look older. The lines around the eyes, mouth, nose, and on forehead are often considered to be signs of aging.

At what age do you start looking old?

Looking old is generally related to those aspects of change we see in our faces. Our face is the first thing that people see and it is what we see in the mirror every day. When we start to notice new lines and wrinkles, we start to think we are getting old. For most people, the aging process starts to become quite noticeable in the 40s and 50s. It is possible for some people, aging can start earlier in their late 30s. Changes may seem jarring, but they are natural.

What are the 7 signs of aging?

Typically, the 7 signs of aging are:

– The development of fine lines and wrinkles.
– Dullness in the skin tone, that loss or glow.
– Uneven skin tone, such as dark spots.
– Dry skin.
– Blotchiness and age spots.
– Rough skin texture caused by loss of elasticity.
– Visible pores.

How do I stop my face from looking old?

There are things that we do and habits that we have that contribute to the aging process. Here are 10 things that we can do to slow the look of aging:

– Wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage.
– Avoid tanning in the sun and tanning booths.
– Wear sunglasses, they will help keep you from squinting.
– Wear hats, visors, and other clothing to prevent sun damage.
– Avoid smoking.
– Limit your alcohol intake.
– Avoid fad and yo-yo dieting.
– Use retinoids and retinol.
– Consider antioxidants and peptides.
– Consider treatments to improve your skin.

Honey Glow Health Med Spa has a variety of services to help diminish the look of aging. We can help rejuvenate skin, reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, and help provide a more youthful look. Contact us or make an online appointment to find out what we have to offer. We are located at 19647 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391. We serve patients from Bonney Lake WA, Orting WA, South Hill WA, Puyallup WA, South Prairie WA, and Sumner WA, and surrounding areas.